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¡Blanquea tus dientes en 2 min! Remedio casero ¡Increíble!

Many blessings and health to all our fans and welcome to a new video from our channel. Today we’ll talk about how to whiten your teeth in just two minutes with a powerful and amazing remedy. Our smile is our calling card and having white teeth is essential.

For this reason, today we’ll show you a natural and home remedy that can help you show off your neat, white teeth without spending a lot of money. With this simple trick, you can start cleaning your teeth in a simple, effective, and durable way.



  • A lemon
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Step by Step

  1. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze a tablespoon or so to obtain the juice.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl with the lemon juice.
  3. Use your toothbrush to mix the ingredients and apply the mixture on each one of your teeth.
  4. Wait at least two minutes for the expected effect.
  5. Rinse your teeth thoroughly by performing about four mouthfuls of water and spitting it out in the sink.
  6. Finally, clean your toothbrush and take a look in the mirror to see how white your teeth have become.

It is important to always remember that everything in excess is harmful, so refrain from doing this process too frequently. It is not recommended to do this every day, as it could damage the enamel of your teeth. It is always best to use this remedy with moderation to avoid any side effects on your oral health.

If you found this information useful, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. And remember to subscribe to our channel for more natural remedies. Many blessings!

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