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El impactante final de La Desalmada deja a todos sin aliento | ¡Adiós Marlene Favela! 🎬

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A Farewell to Marlene Favela in «La Desalmada»

On August 17, 2021, the talented actress Marlene Favela wrapped up her participation in the hit series «La Desalmada.» In the series, she portrayed the character Leticia Lagos de Toscana, the wife of Octavio Toscana (played by Eduardo Santamarina) and the mother of Rafael Toscana (portrayed by José Ron).


After finishing the recordings for her character, Marlene Favela was visibly emotional as she bid farewell to her colleagues. Not only did she say goodbye to her co-stars, but also to the entire technical team. This heartwarming camaraderie and friendship among the cast and crew were documented through Marlene’s Instagram account, where she shared glimpses of the final moments on set.

It’s important to note that Marlene’s departure from the series was not due to any conflict with her co-star, Livia Brito. There were rumors circulating on social media about a feud between Marlene Favela and Livia Brito, but these rumors turned out to be false. The production team clarified that there was no truth to these rumors, and that the bond among the cast members remained strong. They expressed their love and gratitude towards Marlene, reassuring her that she will always be welcomed and cherished.


The End of Leticia Lagos de Toscana: What Awaits?

As Marlene Favela’s character, Leticia Lagos de Toscana, bids farewell to «La Desalmada,» fans eagerly speculate about the fate of her character. Will Leticia find happiness and fulfillment, or will she face more challenges along her journey?

«La Desalmada» has captivated audiences with its gripping storytelling and compelling characters. The series explores the theme of resilience in the face of adversity, and Leticia Lagos de Toscana embodies this spirit. Throughout the series, viewers have witnessed her triumphs, struggles, and growth as a woman navigating a complex world.


As we say goodbye to Marlene Favela’s portrayal of Leticia Lagos de Toscana, we reflect on the impact her character has had on the storyline. The series has showcased the strength and determination of Leticia, and fans are eagerly anticipating the conclusion of her journey.

How do you think the character of Marlene Favela will end? Will Leticia find the happiness she deserves, or will she face more obstacles? We would love to hear your thoughts and predictions! Leave us your comments below.


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